Michael With Some Good Friends

Mike and Bill C
Jay Seigal from the Tokens
Herb Reed of The Platters
Eugene Pitt from the Jive Five
Bobby Rydell
Eddie Mecca The Big Ragu
Fabian and Frankie
John Lloyd Young,
(Frankie Valli Jersey Boys)
Cousin Bruce Morrow
Mr T
Dion Says Hello
Bill Godwin The Ink Spots
Hector Macho Camacho
Ron McPhatter
son of Clyde Mc and Ruth Brown

Shirley Alston Reeves, The Shirells
Bill and Mike
Darlene Love ( Blossoms, Crystals
Lethal Weapon Series)

Pat Riley  Knicks   Heat
Jimmy Beaumont from The Skyliners
Little Peggy March
Johnny Maestro
the best of the best
and a good friend
Terry and Teresa
 from the Flamingos

Emile Stucchio  The Classics
Hal Jackson    Don K. Reed, Mike Miller
The Capris
 Tommy Ferrara         Nicky Santos
             La La Brooks
Da Doo Ron Ron  The Crystals

Lou Christie
Bobby Valli
Terry Stewart   
CEO    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Dubs
Joe McCoy  VP CBS  FM  NY
Bobby J     CBS  FM    NY
Randy Suffuto  Randy & The Rainbows
Sheps Limelites
 Daddys Home

Freddie Cannon
The Belmonts with George Galfo's Mystics 
Don K Reed back in the 80's
Johnny Maestro
 Michael No Stache

Bobby Feldman Songwriter Extraordinaire
With Charlie Schweiker the newly appointed  Gov of Pennsylvania when Tom Ridge became the first Homeland Security Director. Harmony Street sang at the Waldorf at the Celebration party
Good Friend Marv Kalfin who wrote "Just To Be With You"
 for the Passions

Jimmy Gallagher, Marv Kalfin, Me
& Johnny Contino of The Chaperones

Jimmy Gallegher of The Passions
If You Just Give Love...
and Never Get Love......
Lenny Welch

Once A Yankee Always A Yankee
Mike and Whitey Ford

Great Shot Of some talented guys
George Galfo's Mystics
Myself, Shelly, Georgie and Joey

Always Loved This Shot

Finale at The Richard Nader show at
The Broward Center with George Galfo's Mystics
Kenny Vance and the Planetones, Crests, Skyliners, Booklyn Bridge, and the Platters

Birthday/Christmas Party for Marv Kalfin and Johnny Contino, Vinnie (doo wop kids) Mike, Marv Kalfin, Johnn Contino, Ken Held, Barry Newman, and Neal Hollander