Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee “Little Anthony” Gourdine is without question one of the most celebrated vocalists in the annals of popular music. His tender yet explosive delivery of a musical phrase leaves audiences spellbound with an impression so indelible that casual listeners never forget the ‘voice’ or the tunes he immortalized. These songs consistently emanate from airwaves and are often lauded in music journals worldwide. Songs such as “Goin’ Out Of My Head,” “I’m On The Outside Looking In,” “Hurt So Bad,” and “Take Me Back,” are simply four of a compendium of platinum hits performed by the extraordinarily gifted performer on national television and heard on classic and Top-40 radio spanning numerous decades. His latest blockbuster release is no will-‘o-the-wisp, stab in the dark recording; it is a well-thought-out substantive diary of songs, including many covers bearing his unmistakable vocal imprint. Producer Mike Miller spared no effort in tirelessly orchestrating a project that promises an enduring shelf-life titled LITTLE ANTHONY & THE MUSIC — AN ANTHOLOGY, a two-volume set. The first single to be released from this album is the classic “New York State of Mind,” a melancholy ballad with a subtle blues transfusion. Anthony takes the Billy Joel Classic and drops a dash of 1990s Brooklyn on it. Other songs also include “A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening,” Love is a Many Splendored Thing,” “What A Difference A Day Makes,” and “Who’s Sorry Now.” Forty memorable selections should keep you and your significant other reminiscing for some time to come. And if you’re not spoken for, you can enjoy it all to yourself for as long as you can imagine! There is something for everyone in these forever volumes. And I promise you: The fun verbal exchanges in the narration between Anthony and the producer are insightful as twists and turns unravel in the development of this contemporary musical masterpiece. Despite many of the songs being standards, you’ll notice his articulate style permeating from the start. After years of performing at arenas and concert halls, clubs and festivals, he has acquired a wealth of experience that accompanies him as you flashback to his highly successful stint as lead singer with the Imperials on a few choice cuts. Following the release of this work, expect the entertainment icon and his band to visit a city near you with a live show embracing many of the tunes contained in this two-volume cache — and more. As an all-around artist in the studio and on stage, he has been and remains an inspiration to many larger-than-life- acts, past and present: The Temptations, who remained friends for many years, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and Michael Jackson, to name a few. Nearly every rock, pop, R&B, and jazz act who attained star status attribute a slice of their inspiration to the influence of Little Anthony as a lead vocalist and a solo artist. Alive and well, he is eager to take his show on the road and share as much as audiences can enjoy, including numbers from the Anthology. Like a silver fox, he roams the stage, eyeing each participant as they sing along with the seasoned crooner and his dynamic band. Recently, the Brooklyn, NY, native said: “I’m anxious to share these songs with folks everywhere, and I’m so proud of the entire team that helped put it all together.” This is only the beginning of a succession of projects on tap for the foreseeable future. He is busily working on other productions to be named later. No doubt about it, “Little Anthony” Gourdine has brightened many a day for aficionados of ‘God’s gift to mankind’ everywhere with indescribably beautiful music that fills our hearts with joy! Phil C. Brown